Beyond Training: The Just-in-Time Program as a Force for Diversity and Disability Inclusiveness

Hannah Rudstam, Ph.D., Northeast ADA Center, reported on the Just-In-Time program (JIT) designed to get the right ADA employment information to the appropriate person (managers and supervisors) at the time they need it. Once-a-year presentations or individual workshops do not address the needs of these professionals, who are called upon to make decisions about employees in a rapidly-changing, high-pressure environment. ADA information has to be available when they need it and it has to be based on the situations within which they are actually facing these decisions. The JIT toolkit is an “always available” resource developed using key players in the company who are committed to creating a culture that is truly accepting of all types of diversity. JIT has both in-person and online components that are customized for each company. As of January 2016, JIT has been implemented in fourteen organizations, including four government agencies and 10 private sector companies, many of whom are federal contractors, who together employ over 1.5 million workers.  

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