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How to Change Text Size

We've designed to let you change its text size through your web browser's settings. Most browsers include functionality to let you increase or decrease the text on a web page. For example, to increase text size:


In the Page menu, select Zoom. Zoom > Larger


In the View menu, select Zoom. View > Zoom > Zoom In

Or, Click on the menu icon and select > - to make the text size smaller or + to make it larger

Internet Explorer

In the View menu, select Text Size. View > Text Size > Largest

Or, you can click on the IE settings icon > Zoom > Select a percentage or click “Zoom in”

Windows Shortcut: Alt +X


In the View menu, select Zoom. View > Zoom > %

Macintosh Shortcut: Command+

Windows Shortcut: + or 0


In the View menu, select Make Text Bigger. View > Make Text Bigger

Macintosh Shortcut: Command+

Main Menu Keyboard Navigation

The main navigation megamenu supports the following keys for keyboard users.

  • Tab / Shift + Tab keys cycle through all menu and submenu items.
  • Up / Down arrow keys move focus to the previous or next menu item.
  • Left / Right arrow keys move focus to the adjacent submenu or column. (Please note that this feature is disabled if you are running a screen reader software, in which case please use the other keys for navigation.)
  • Escape key closes the current submenu and moves focus to the top level menu item. When the current submenu is closed, press Enter or Down to reopen the submenu, or press Tab to move to the next top level menu item.