Awareness of the ADA and Other Resources to Support Employees After Cancer Diagnosis

Kathleen M. Murphy, PhD, American Institute for Research, reported on a systematic review she conducted to understand interventions that can help individuals with cancer return to work. Analysis of the 12 qualifying studies found that multi-pronged approaches that incorporate information or educational training, counselling or coping skills sessions, and physical exercise are the most effective in helping employed patients with cancer return-to-work. The Southwest ADA Center conducted a survey of adult cancer survivors (CSs) and health care providers (HCPs) to understand the problems cancer caused in the workplace.  They found that HCPs and CSs disagreed about what the main problems were and that CSs were less familiar with the ADA, implying that HCPs could have an important role in helping their patients understand their rights under the ADA. They also found that HCPs prefer to receive ADA information in person (76.7%) followed by written factsheets (54.7%). CSs prefer comprehensive manuals that they can take home and use as an ongoing resource. HCPs need training to understand which side effects pose the greatest challenge in return to work. 

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