#ThanksToTheADA Campaign

Share Your #ThanksToTheADA Moment

Celebrate the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)!

Share a moment in your life when you were thankful for the ADA!

How to Share #ThanksToTheADA

On a social media platform of your choice, use the hashtag #ThanksToTheADA to share what the ADA means to you. Be fun and be creative! Share any media of your choice (video, picture, written word, or other) and include #ThanksToTheADA.

Learn more and get examples of ways you can participate from the links below and also the video from the ADA Anniversary (2020). 

Video: ADA Anniversary Share #ThanksToTheADA

[Captioned, 2:20 min.]

Video Transcript


More Examples #ThanksToTheADA

For more examples visit our 30th Anniversary Twitter Moment #ThanksToTheADA and recent posts visit the hashtag on Twitter #ThanksToTheADA or Facebook #ThanksToTheADA.

Accessibility Tips

Don't forget to make your content accessible by including alternative text, captions, transcripts, and color contrasts that work for everyone. For quick and easy how-to videos on making accessible social media content visit: Rooted in Rights playlist Accessibility is Cool.

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