Region 5: A Systematic Examination of ADA Transition Plans and Their Role in the Development of Accessible Cities

The goal of this research project is to describe the current status of Public Rights of Way (PROW) ADA transition plans in the U.S. in order to improve understanding and advance technical assistance efforts related to local planning and the implementation of Title II of the ADA. This comprehensive study of ADA transition plans will utilize a mixed methods approach and will commence in three phases. The first phase of this study will employ a systematic review process to evaluate the current status of PROW ADA transition plans in the U.S.  In the second phase, the UIC team will conduct qualitative interviews with ADA coordinators and urban planning professionals involved in local government and municipal implementation to identify barriers and facilitators to self-evaluations, transition plans, and connections to other urban planning efforts. Finally, UIC researchers will examine how the transition planning has affected implementation of accessible pedestrian infrastructure through a geospatial analysis.