Region 6: Life After Cancer - Surveying Cancer Survivors about their Informational Needs

This project involves surveying cancer survivors in the U.S. regarding their employment-related needs, awareness of existing resources and legislation to address such needs, and information receipt preferences. These data will be used, in combination with data collection from healthcare practitioners at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, to inform development of a training module on the topic of cancer and employment-related issues, including ADA protections. The pilot research, conducted in Summer 2011, indicates that cancer survivors are not exercising their civil rights to combat discriminatory employment practices. Data collection was continued in Fall 2012, with a final N of 168. Analysis is underway. It is hoped that this project will help us to understand further cancer survivors’ awareness of their legal protections and of the support programs and services to which they may be entitled, what barriers survivors encounter in maintaining employment and returning to work after a cancer diagnosis, and how best to meet their informational needs. The work is being conducted in partnership with SEDL <>. For more information, contact

Citation: Murphy, K. M., Markle, M., Nguyen, N., & Wilkinson, W. (in press). Addressing the employment-related needs of cancer survivors. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation.