ADA Trainer Network

The ADA Trainer/Leadership Network (ADA TLN) is a national initiative involving more than 500 disability specialists including people with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation professionals, community rehabilitation providers, business and employers, state and local government, and others, who use a curriculum, designed by the Northeast ADA Center at Cornell University on behalf of the ADA National Network, to provide basic training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition to learning about the ADA, members are provided training on community needs assessment, consulting, and relationship building so they can work with local ADA stakeholders to effect change in their communities. To evaluate the effectiveness of this capacity building program we gather data from the ADA TN/LN as well as from people who attend their trainings.

During the first five years, impact of the program was measured by gathering data from training participants (n=6520) who attended 340 training sessions conducted by the ADA TLN. Pre/post-test data measured changes in knowledge and behavioral intentions, and indicated significant positive impact across both domains. Currently, Regions 2, 3, and 4 have active ADA TLN programs and are working together to collect stories about the specific impacts members have on the  individuals, employers, businesses, and community organizations with whom they share the curriculum. For more information contact the Northeast ADA Center at 607-255-8660.