Mixed Methods Systematic Review of the ADA

Sarah Parker Harris & Robert Gould, University of Illinois at Chicago. The goal of this five-year project was to increase the use of research findings and to create a descriptive knowledge base of the kinds of evidence currently available on the ADA. The review addressed these questions: what studies of the ADA have been conducted since its passage in 1990; what evidence exists that the ADA has influenced knowledge, attitudes and perceptions about the employment of people with disabilities; and what is the current state of knowledge about the ADA’s influence on disclosure, health, and attitudinal change. Harris and Gould discussed the methods they used to conduct the reviews and some of the preliminary findings. They found that employment is the most commonly studied ADA topic in the past 25 years (48% of the research) followed by education (16%). The reviews revealed several problem areas, including a gap in reported versus actual compliance with ADA regulations, and a disconnect between what employers know about ADA employment laws and the likelihood they will hire persons with disabilities. More reviews are underway to learn about attitudes about and implementation of ADA employment laws in specific sectors, such as health care.

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