Evaluation of Technical Assistance Services

Technical assistance specialists within the ADA National Network (ADANN) are the frontline experts in translating complex ADA laws, policy, and regulations into usable information for a wide variety of audiences.  Little is known about the role of technical assistance (TA) specialists in supporting ADA implementation, or their experience and insights on how ADA information needs are changing and how best to address these needs nationally and at the regional level.

This qualitative evaluation project aims to explore the role of TA specialists as knowledge translators, specifically to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase understanding of the needs of recipients of ADANN TA services.
  • Increase understanding of how TA specialists address ADA information needs to support ADA implementation.
  • Identify strategies, resources and tools to support TA specialists’ role within the ADANN.

Technical Report: Evaluation of Technical Assistance Services Provided by the ADA National Network