How are the employment provisions enforced?

Complaints regarding alleged disability discrimination in the workplace that occurred on or after July 26, 1992 may be filed with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or designated State human rights agencies. Available remedies may include hiring, reinstatement, promotion, back pay, front pay, restored benefits, reasonable accommodations, attorneys' fees, expert witness fees, and court costs. Compensatory and punitive damages also may be available in cases of intentional discrimination or where an employer fails to make a good faith effort to provide a reasonable accommodation.  A charge must be filed within 180 calendar days from the date that the alleged discrimination took place. The 180 calendar day filing deadline is extended to 300 calendar days if a state or local agency enforces a law that prohibits employment discrimination on the same basis. A state’s designated human rights agency should be consulted to determine if the extended filing deadline applies. Your regional ADA Center can assist you in finding your state human rights agency.

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