Twitter Chat: Veterans and the ADA

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2020
10:00 AM PST - 11:00 AM PST




Mark your calendars! Join the ADA National Network and regional ADA Centers for a 1-hour Twitter Chat on Veterans and the ADA.

What is a Twitter Chat?

Great question! Our Twitter Chats are hour-long question and answer sessions held on Twitter. You can tune in for all or some of the chat. We have everything from specific trivia, to open-ended questions and polls. These chats are a great opportunity to connect with other individuals, organizations, and groups in the disability community and get information about common ADA questions. Each month will highlight a different topic related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. To learn more, watch this brief tutorial video: Twitter Chat Basics [3:24 min., CC].  Learn more about How to Participate in Twitter Chats with this ASL video from HEARD.

Do I need a Twitter account to follow along?

You can keep up with the questions and answers on Twitter without making an account. Simply check out our profile @ADANational or search #ADANetworkChat and sort by latest.

Can I participate if I don't have access to Twitter?

You can also follow our Twitter chat hashtag #ADANetworkChat on TWUBS or participate in the chat with the app tchat, which lets you pause the chat if the Tweets are coming too fast.

How to I add to the discussion?

To tweet you must have a Twitter account. You can tweet your questions and answers about Voting Access with the hashtag #ADANetworkChat. You can sign up for a free Twitter account.

How can I prepare?

Review the questions we'll be covering in advance so you can prepare your answers!

1. Are veterans with disabilities covered under the ADA?
2. If I have a disability that is not service connected am I still covered under the ADA?
3. I am a veteran with a disability that I don't think will affect me on the jon, do I have to disclose it to my employer?
4. What are some tips for veterans with disabilities that are returning to work?
5. As a veteran with disabiility, what accommodations have you found helpful at work?
6. How can employers take advantage of the skill sets veterans bring to the table?
7. As a veteran with a disabillity, does my employer have to give me time off to attend my medical treatments?
8. If I have a psychiatric disability like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can I still have a service animal?
9. Are there places that I might not be allowed to bring my service animal?
10. Veterans, what modications to civilian life have you found helpful?

See you there!

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