Twitter Chat: Education and the ADA

Event Date/Time: 

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022
10:00 AM PDT - 11:00 AM PDT




Mark your calendars! Join the ADA National Network and regional ADA Centers for a 1-hour Twitter Chat on Post-Secondary Education and the ADA.

What is a Twitter Chat?

Great question! Our Twitter Chats are hour-long question and answer sessions held on Twitter. You can tune in for all or some of the chat. We have everything from specific trivia, to open-ended questions and polls. These chats are a great opportunity to connect with other individuals, organizations, and groups in the disability community and get information about common ADA questions. Each chat will highlight a different topic related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. To learn more, watch this brief tutorial video: Twitter Chat Basics [3:24 min., CC]. 

Do I need a Twitter account to follow along?

You can keep up with the questions and answers on Twitter without making an account. Simply check out our profile @ADANational or search #ADANetworkChat and sort by latest.

Can I participate if I don't have access to Twitter?

Following each Twitter Chat, we share a Twitter Moment which captures the highlights. This allows those who aren't active on Twitter to get the resources from the event without having to follow along live.

How do I add to the discussion?

To tweet you must have a Twitter account. You can tweet your questions and answers about post-secondary education and the ADA with the hashtag #ADANetworkChat. You can sign up for a free Twitter account (please ensure that you aren't already signed into Twitter, or this link won't work).

What if I miss the Twitter Chat?

Don't worry! After each Twitter Chat, we post a Twitter Moment, which gives you an archive of the chat highlights.

Prepare your answers by reviewing the questions we'll be covering:

  1. Warm-up question: What are the three main laws that address the rights of students with disabilities in public schools?
  2. What federal laws cover post-secondary educational institutions?
  3. Can students with disabilities get modifications or academic adjustments under the ADA in college?
  4. When should students with disabilities request a modification or academic adjustment?
  5. What are some examples of modifications or academic adjustments for students with disabilities?
  6. What are post-secondary institutions' responsibilities for providing auxiliary aids and services to students with disabilities?
  7. Scenario question: If I received academic adjustments or modifications in high school, shouldn’t I automatically receive them in college (since it’s in my transcript?)
  8. What are the regulations regarding the accessibility of examinations and courses in school under the Americans with Disabilities?
  9. Poll: I’m a student with a disability – am I allowed to take my service animal to school?
  10. Are service animals allowed in dorms?
  11. Scenario question: Someone asks you, “I’m a student with a disability. What should I know to help me prepare for the back-to-school season?” Can you help this person by providing experiences from your educational journey?

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Other Accommodations: 

Twitter Moment will be posted on social media following the event for those who want to follow along at their own pace.

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