Special Session: Morphic-Making Access to Computers Easier

Event Date/Time: 

Friday, January 15th, 2021
2:00 PM EST - 3:30 PM EST




This webinar will introduce a new tool for making computers easier to use for those who use assistive technologies - and those who just find computers too confusing (elders, people with cognitive disabilities, people new to desktop computing, etc.).

Morphic is a unique new open-source developed tool that can be used in different ways for people with different needs.

  1. It makes it easier for people to discover and quickly access and use the features that are built into computers

    • Many accessibility and usability features are built-into computers but are unknown or too hard to find or use. Morphic makes them available with one click - and nothing to remember.

  2. And It also lets you set up an ultra-simple way to use a computer for people who need to use a computer but currently can’t (or won’t) due to complexity.

    • Morphic allow you to create a custom one-click interface for critical functions on a computer so those who cannot handle complexity can access key functions with one-click, without needing to remember anything from one day to the next. (One-click access to News, favorite Facebook page, family shared pictures, email, family weekly conference call, weekly worship service, doctor, etc.)

    • And it can be set up and maintained remotely - without actually having to visit the person.

  3. Morphic lets a persons assistive technologies and settings follow them and appear on any computer they need to use


    • Currently people who need to use AT are limited to just those computers that have that AT set up on them, and configured for that person. Morphic allows a person to sit down to any computer with their AT (and Morphic) on it and Morphic will auto-configure the AT to that person.

  4. A new capability being developed called Installation on Demand , would allow a person to have their AT automatically installed on the computer if it was not there and then disappear when they leave the computer

    • Companies can also use Morphic to instantly set up new corporate computers so that interns, new employees and others can have their computers set up and ready to go literally in minutes, rather than the days or weeks (or occasionally months) it takes to get them all set up when the person take a new job - or encounters a new computer (computer failure, promotion or ‘hoteling’ at company).

The webinar will describe and demonstrate the capabilities of Morphic. The discussion after the seminar will focus on ways that Morphic can be used - or further developed - to meet the particular needs of ADA Centers and State Tech Act programs. Attendees will be provided with information on how to get a free copy of Morphic Basic or (for those interested) sign up for free trial use of Morphic Plus as part of an early-access beta-test program.

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Region 4 - Southeast ADA Center, Region 5 - Great Lakes ADA Center, Region 7 - Great Plains ADA Center


People with Disabilities, ADA Coordinator, Consumer Advocate, Educator, Family Member of Person With Disability, Industry Representative or Product Developer, Practitioners, Service Provider


Technology (Accessible)


ACTCP Credit, Attendance





Registration Deadline: 

Friday, January 15, 2021