Including People with PTSD: A Personal Perspective

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Monday, November 23rd, 2020
2:00 PM EST - 3:30 PM EST




PTSD is debilitating to those who endure it. Those who work with first responders, military veterans, and citizens who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder should be aware of the impact it has on the individual, and the challenges PTSD presents. This presentation comes from the first person perspective of one of the first responders to the Pentagon on 9/11 and looks at his struggles with PTSD, which almost caused him to end his life, yet become the catalyst for attaining his bachelor's and master's degrees, start his own company, write a children's book on the discussions with his young son regarding his struggles, and to become an advocate for those struggling with PTSD. The presenter will provide those who work with individuals with PTSD a better understanding of the internal and external battles they endure, as well as effective methods to aid them.

Speaker: Captain J.P. McMichael, Arlington County (Virginia) Sheriff's Office

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