The ADA for Local Governments: What You Should Know in 2016 (Morning or Afternoon Option), Warwick RI

Event Date/Time: 

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
8:45 AM EDT - 4:00 PM EDT


Warwick Public Library, 600 Sandy Ln., Warwick, RI


The ADA has been in effect for over 25 years and many people are still confused about what the law requires. Can a monkey be a service animal? A miniature horse? What would you do if someone asks for the planning committee meeting to be scent-free? Do all playgrounds need to be accessible? Who decides when a request is an “undue burden” for the municipality? I think the town completed a transition plan and self-evaluation in 1993, do we need to conduct a new one? Does the town’s website have to be accessible and what does that mean? We address these items and more. We will also review the Department of Justice’s settlement agreements with municipalities including requirements to provide “auxiliary aids and services,” such as sign language interpreters; responding to Telecommunications Relay Service phone calls; and notifying the community of their ADA rights and the local government’s ADA obligations. There will be plenty of time for your questions.  

The Rhode Island Governor’s Commission on Disabilities has elected to waive standard registration fee of $25.00 for this program.  As a public service agency, we provide free ADA technical assistance to our municipal partners throughout Rhode Island. We feel as though charging you for training to better provide service to those with disabilities would be detrimental to our mission.  We ask that if you register that you please make every effort to attend.

From the Sponsor: 

Region 1 - New England ADA Center


State and Local Government, People with Disabilities


State and Local Government (ADA Title II)





Registration Deadline: 

Thursday, June 2, 2016