Community and Work Participation Disparities for People With Disabilities

Joy Hammel, PhD, OTR/L, Region 5 Great Lakes ADA Center, reported on the Participatory Action Research Consortium (ADA-PARC), a collaborative project of the ADA Network.  The primary purpose of the ADA‑PARC is to identify disparities in community participation that are experienced by individuals with disabilities. Hammel described the methods used to compile GIS, census, and other data from large national, state and city data sets in order to document disparities in poverty, community living, access to transportation and employment between people with disabilities and people without disabilities across the country. This information is available in a variety of formats on the website to improve understanding of the issues and help public agencies and others make policy and other changes that can improve the lives of people with disabilities in the areas of community and work participation. This project is ongoing, and data are added and updated continuously in order to present an accurate and comprehensive picture of the status of individuals with disabilities today. 

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