Service Animal FAQs

United States Department of Justice FAQs

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has developed an FAQ document that has 37 different questions and answers, covering a range of topics including service animal definitions, certification requirements, and the exclusion of service animals.

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ADA National Network’s FAQs

The ADA National Network’s technical assistance specialists, located around the country in each of the 10 regional ADA centers, have developed the following questions:

What is a service animal?

How can I tell if an animal is really a service animal and not just a pet?

I heard that miniature horses are considered to be service animals by the ADA. Is this true?

What are the laws about services animals that apply to my business?

I have always had a clearly posted "no pets" policy at my business. Do I still have to allow service animals in?

What must I do when an individual with a service animal comes to my business?

Can I exclude an animal that doesn't really seem dangerous but is disruptive to my business?

What if a service animal barks or growls at other people, or otherwise acts out of control?

Can I charge maintenance or cleaning fees for customers who bring service animals into my business?

Am I responsible for the animal while the person with a disability is in my business?

My county health department has told me that only a "guide dog in harness" has to be admitted to my restaurant. If I follow their advice, am I violating the ADA?

I operate a private taxicab and I don't want animals in my taxi; they smell, shed hair and sometimes have "accidents." Am I violating the ADA if I refuse to pick up someone with a service animal?

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