Region 6: Promoting Worksite Wellness and Health Among Persons With Disability (Project WorkWell): Role of ADAAA to Counteract Obesity in the U.S.

Goal: Project WorkWell, a five-year longitudinal study of large businesses (employing at least 500 due to ease of recruiting and reaching the desired sample size for the required power), is to leverage existing data and collect new information to study patterns of wellness program availability, use of incentives among employers, and program participation and utilization among employees with disabilities from diverse backgrounds. The scope of the project will encompass Baton Rouge, LA (capital city and small town) and Houston, TX (urban location with a large business infrastructure).

Design: Exploratory study that can be treated as a pilot for a follow up project of regional and/or national scope.

Sampling: Wellness programs offered by 5 large businesses (50 or more employees) having a diverse group of employees (gender, race, educational attainment, health or disability status) each in Baton Rouge and in Houston.

Measure: The WorkWell survey will be developed by incorporating relevant items from the RAND Employer Survey 2013 and KFF/HRET Survey 2012.

Data Analysis: Descriptive analyses, t-tests chi-squared tests, correlation coefficients, Multivariate analysis (propensity score matching), and Case studies.