ADA National Network Learning Session: Recovery After Disasters and Individuals with Disabilities - What We Know and What We Do Not

Event Date/Time: 

Thursday, March 14th, 2019
11:30 AM PDT - 1:00 PM PDT




Of the phases of the disaster cycle, the recovery phase is the longest but the least explored with respect to the experiences of people with disabilities. This session will provide an overview of what research reveals about the needs of people with disabilities and their families post-disaster. Barriers to the recovery process as well as the resource and service roles of state and local agencies, FEMA, and voluntary organizations post-disaster will be discussed.


Learning objectives:

  • Attendees will learn what research findings reveal about the needs of people with disabilities post-disaster.
  • Attendees will identify barriers which individuals with disabilities and their families encounter during the recovery phase of disaster.
  • Attendees will identify recovery services and resources typically available through various organizations post-disaster.


Dr. Laura M. Stough is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Assistant Director at the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University. She directs Project REDD: Research and Education on Disaster and Disability and currently serves as Chair of the Disability Task Force on Emergency Management for the Division of Emergency Management for the State of Texas and as Chair of the Emergency Management Special Interest Group for the Association of University Centers on Disability.

Dr. Amy N. Sharp is the Director of the Texas Center for Disability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She has developed online directories and resource guides used by county extension agents and disaster recovery case managers throughout Texas. Dr. Sharp has conducted evaluation and research studies on how hurricanes impact individuals with disabilities.

Originally from California, Elizabeth Hong moved to Texas four years ago. Liz is the mother of four children, two with disabilities. She is a former special education teacher, with a passion for educational rights, mental health and helping to support families. She works at Texas Parent to Parent on the Family Support team providing information for families whose child has a disability.

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