Bedside Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

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Bedside Emergency Supply Kit contains essential items you may need if you are trapped in or near your bed and unable to get to other parts of your home. Keep important items in a nightstand next to your bed so you can quickly and easily access them.  Use this checklist as a tool to ensure you have the necessary items in your Bedside Emergency Supply Kit.

Date Done




Important hardcopy information:



Emergency health information.



Copies of emergency contact lists.[1]



Other important items:



Cell phone and charger.



Standard telephone (one that plugs into an electrical outlet or working phone jack).



Essential medications.



Toiletries and hygiene supplies.



Flashlights and extra batteries, light sticks.



Emergency food and water.



Warm clothing, waterproof tarp, blankets.



Assorted sizes of re-closeable plastic bags for storing food, waste, etc.



Battery operated radio and extra batteries.



Signaling device you can use to attract attention if you need emergency assistance (whistle, horn, beeper, bell(s), screecher alarm).



Sturdy work gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects you may need to lift or touch by mistake while moving over glass and rubble.



Container that can be attached to bed or nightstand to hold hearing aids, eye glasses, cell phone, etc.; oxygen tank attached to the wall.



Wheelchair, Walker or Scooter Users:



Keep needed equipment close to you and secured so you can get to it quickly.



Hearing Needs:



Extra hearing aids and batteries.



Weather radio with a visual/text display that warns of weather emergencies or an app for cell phone or tablet.



Vision Needs:



Hand held magnifier; extra pair of glasses.



Mark your disaster supplies with fluorescent tape, large print, or braille.



High-powered flashlights with wide beams and extra batteries.



Allergies, Sensitivities, Breathing Needs:



Towels, masks, industrial respirators or other supplies you can use to filter your air supply.



N95 rated particulate filter mask – protects against dust, radiological dust and biological agents.



1 Emergency Contact Checklist Tip Sheet (

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