KJZZ a Local Advocacy Group Responsible for More Than a Thousand Lawsuits Against Phoenix Businesses Says Attorney General Mark Brnovich Is on "The Wrong Side of history." That Comes After Brnovich's Office Filed a Motion to Intervene in the Cases Brought

A local advocacy group responsible for more than a thousand lawsuits against Phoenix businesses says Attorney General Mark Brnovich is on "the wrong side of history."

That comes after Brnovich's office filed a motion to intervene in the cases brought by the group Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities (AID), asking the cased be dismissed.

In court documents, the state alleges AID is abusing the judicial system and engaging in trolling tactics meant to coerce defendants to settle quickly for money.

“It is now political. The attorney general has to take a side," AID's attorney Peter Strojnik told KJZZ. “I believe he has decided to side with the law-breaking defendants, that is despicable.”

The attorney general's opinion argues AID is circumventing the proper channels for handling ADA enforcement. Strojnik says the state has done little to ensure businesses follow the law and private ligation is critical for enforcement.

"They haven't been able to do anything in the past 20 years while we have been very effective at enforcing the ADA law," Strojnik said.