Parental Rights of Mentally Ill at Stake in Conn. ADA Case

On one side is the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, whose mission is to protect the welfare of children. On the other are a handful of advocacy groups who object to DCF's handling of a long-running case involving two parents with mental health issues.

In the middle are Karin Hasemann and Joseph Watley, who simply want their children back. Recently, they were given a glimmer of hope when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit gave them a small, but significant, legal victory. The Second Circuit said that a Connecticut federal court was too quick to dismiss a lawsuit in which the couple claimed that DCF violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in its handling of a termination of parental rights case. The matter was remanded to the Connecticut federal court, where the couple is seeking $1 million.

Connecticut Law Tribune